Duplicating The Olive Garden Walls

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Duplicating The Olive Garden Walls – We just bought another home and our objective is to make a copy of the wall looks available in the Italian restaurant the Olive Garden. We have been looking on the internet and checked with out local construction supply all to no avail in order to find pre-made wall panels that are similar to those in the restaurant. Finally, we decided it was time to make the walls of our own self.

Duplicating The Olive Garden Walls
Duplicating The Olive Garden Walls

After great research we found that we can duplicate the look using the shape of the fake paintings. Now we believe that we have found the secret to imitate this beautiful wall although the procedure is quite simple. The steps we use are as follows:

  • Prime the wall or surface with a good quality primer
  • The shovel in the joint compound in order to achieve the desired texture
  • Prime the walls again to protect the texture you have just created
  • Paint the wall two times with whatever base coat you have decided
  • Apply either “Aqua Bond” or “Aqua Cream” glazes tinted with “Aqua Color” and is used with a ¾ inch nap roller to cover the rough surface of the walls of your new texture. A good choice would be Earth, dark Brown with Brown Shades of Aqua in a ratio of 3 to 1
  • Immediately wipe off the glaze. The glaze will adhere to all the various cracks and crevices.

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When applying and removing glaze it certainly helps to have some extra hands to help you as this glaze will tend to dry quite quickly. Be sure to use a good quality glaze like a cheaper version just does not give the desired results you may want.

I prefer the “Aqua Cream” glaze. It is a very good choice in duplicating the Olive Garden look. The glaze goes on very easy and can scrub out on the edges without a problem when it comes back to the wall area leave almost no added lines. It is a very durable glaze that will really need extra top coat. You have to remember that if your basecoat is not really acrylic glaze will soak into the wall rather quickly.

Interesting note about the Oliver Garden wall is that only the upper third of the wall is completely glazed. It begins with a glaze of the darkest on top and gradually faded to not glaze at the lower parts of the walls. With the walls of the very texture this created the illusion of added depth resulting from the shadows. This is a deliberate attempt to make the walls of the maintenance more simple, and it becomes easier to touch up when necessary.

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Not difficult to make a copy of this effect which presents such an attractive eye appeal at Olive Garden if you follow the simple steps and use the best quality products available. That is the secret of success.