Living Room Decorating Ideas – An effective decoration of a room depends on the size and shape and mainly the purpose of which will be used. Living room decoration can be is no easy task or a complicated one depending on the people who will use it. Easy if it will be empty for most of the time except when the family is at home; complicated if plenty of entertainment will take place. But that does not mean that it should not be the opposite also. It depends on the person who will decorate. Another complication would be if the constant flow of children and animals going across the room.

Living Room Decorating Ideas
Living Room Decorating Ideas

The shape of the room also has a large say in the kind of d├ęcor that it can take. In a large room with plenty of space, it can be segregated into some definite functional space. Small office space under the stairs or a formal dining room in a separate place by itself. Use colors that also have a telling impact on the atmosphere of the room. If not judiciously used a large room may look small and cold; if judiciously used a small room can be made to look larger and warmer. Wall art and other accessories in the living room set the atmosphere. The more uncluttered the room the more comfortable it is to live in and spend time.

Keep picture sizes small wherever possible, or perhaps a great in one of the larger walls. Avoid distant the big picture as far as possible. Two-seat sofa, rather than three-seater will create an impression of space. Mirror good accessories as long as they are placed in strategic positions as they refract light around the room.

Living room decorating ideas evolve and change from year to year and is sometimes set by the head interior decorator. But it is best to look at what they offer and go with your instincts. It is “your” living room. And the choice of colors and accessories so wide that it is quite impossible to recognize them. Understand what the primary, secondary and tertiary colors are, the color wheel and the basic principles of mixing them and you can come up with shades that could better the display in a paint store.

Blue is the color most favored. Think of blue and first thing that comes to your mind is a blue sky or the blue sea that instills a sense of peace and tranquility to your mind; and the living room is just where such an atmosphere should prevail. It is left to your creative, your imagination and your ingenuity how you decorate your living room. Close your eyes and imagine what kind f environment you would like to come and plan your decorations with that. Once you’ve settled on colors for the walls and the ceiling, thinking of the colors for the doors and the windows. Proceed step by step. Next comes the furniture which should complement the color scheme and finally comes the accessories like the mirrors, the carpets, the flower vases and the flowers etc.

This is the ideal way to give shape to your living room decorating ideas. Apply they make impressed the living space that you and your guests can really enjoy.

Living Room Decorating Ideas

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